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Maybe I Feel The Same
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Maybe I Feel The Same

It seems you like nothing I do,
you turn your nose up at my interests,
tell me that they're 'pointless'.
while I try to encourage you,
help you,
support you,
in what you find interesting.
when you have something to tell me about it, I listen,
when you accomplish something more, I congratulate you,
if perhaps you can't quite grasp something just yet, I tell you to keep working at it.
but maybe I think your hobby is as pointless as you think mine is,
and maybe because I know it means so much to you I try to help you as much as I can,
even though I know nothing about it.
I listen to you talk about it,
I watch you play it,
I even go out of my way to spend a day shopping around with you,
but as soon as I mention my hobby, I hear
'what's the point? they look so stupid'.
does that mean I look stupid too?
thanks for your encouragement,
for listening to me for all of three minutes,
thank you for not bothering to read my poems either,
when people I’ve never even met can be bothered to,
and last of all,
thank you for telling me how cool she is,
with her untarnished face and overdone self,
and bringing out my insecurities.

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Comments (1)

Rather than merely cataloguing events; use a few more metaphors and provide imagery for your feelings. Slow the moments down and let the reader linger on those images not merely events. I have a sense that you are able to progress, as the penultimate line hints at. Stick with it.