(February 5,1951 / Little Rock, Arkansas United States of America)

Umme Abiha (Mother Of The Father)

Kiss my forehead when I am sleeping
Wipe my tears when I am weeping
Forget for a moment that I am old
Treat as a child crawling and creeping.

With my childhood and my youth
Lost all my valuables one after other
But the loss of love I couldn't forget
Was the loss of my lovely mother!

Grown old I'm a child once more
I need a motherly treatment again
Seventy plus man is a helpless infant
Wants a mother when he is in pain!

Vacuums have a tendency not to stay long
So vacuum created by a mother expired
Is filled in by cold air only, a sigh is it!
But a touch! On the shoulders too tired!

Who is this? A lady, my best friend,
My sweet daughter, model of affection
Yes, she looks like my mother I have lost
She is a reflection without any refraction.

She is the only one who can fill in the vacuum
She is a great daughter but not the greatest
Greatest was Umme Abiha binte Muhammad
Fatima her name, as a daughter was the best.

With motherly affection for the Holy Prophet
Unparalleled were her services and moralities
She wiped his blood and bandaged his wounds.
She stood by him when he faced hostilities.

Holy Prophet called her Umme Abiha
A daughter is a mother of her father
Who else can look after an old child?
Only a daughter, yes, only a daughter!

by Akhtar Jawad

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Maybe i do! Nice work.