KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

I Think I'M In Love

1. Let's commit the perfect crime
I'll steal you're heart
And you steal mine
You have captured
My heart
Don't let it
Get away
You're everything I was looking for
When I wasn't
Even looking
Four simple letters
Yet so confusing
Chorus- Is it the way he smiles,
I'm blinded or maybe
It's when I gaze into his green eyes,
And it's like a fairy tale
Or maybe
I just can't get him off my mind
I don't know but
I think I'm in love
2. I walk across the classroom
Just sharpen my pencil
In order to see his face
Then realizing
You don't know
What you do to me
With every great love
Comes a great story
Cause the simple things
Mean the most
Help me figure this one out

[repeat chorus]

3. I'm done dropping hints for you
Figure it out yourself
pretty boy
Is it the wya you smile?
Am I blinded?
Is is when I gaze in to your gree eyes?
Is this my fairy tale?
Why can't I get you off my head?
I don't know but
I think I'm in love

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Comments (2)

so very sad......wish i could say that to my sis......very nice write :)
i know how you feel i dedicate this song to my bf jeremy.