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Maybe Ill Get Better, Maybe I Am
KCB (Febuary/27/1993 / A'burg)

Maybe Ill Get Better, Maybe I Am

Poem By Kayla Corinne Beneteau

now that i think of everything,
that we did wrong and it seems to me,
that it could be hard to believe,
my arms bloody,
my heart torn,
i wish this was a dream but it seems that it isnt,
if im not here tommorow than i my be lock in these four walls,
that shall tell me a story of my suiside to be,
you want to know if ill wait for you but my feelings may change over time,
im sick of reliying on my knifes and blades,
to make everything right,
i can't see my life going forth,
maybe im getting better,
maybe i am,
but seems that life takes its change,
and maybe i will die.

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Comments (2)

so very sad......wish i could say that to my sis......very nice write :)
i know how you feel i dedicate this song to my bf jeremy.