MAM (01/23/79 / Pasay City)

Maybe In Silence

Who would have thought we would end up here
Everyone's just waiting for the ring to come
But now, here we are sailing on a different shore
Sailing with a different direction

Life come and goes. That's what they say
But it's always the 'goes' where people break down
Wish there was more time to say all the things
The things I know I might never had a chance to say again

Too many years to come but time is so short
The more I speak the more pain she feel, i could feel
Should I relay on time for both of us to heal
Should I at least say something or just be silent.

Though I know we could never fix a broken heart thru words
But that is at least the closer that I could get to her
There's no more turning back for now... that's all I know
If the only way is to be silent... then let it be.

Maybe thru silence I can love her more...
Maybe thru silence no word fo goodbye will come...
Maybe thrue silence love will be forever...
But for what I know.. in silence the pain wouldnt grow that much....

by Mark Anthony Mendoza

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