Maybe Next Time!

Have you ever thought,
Maybe I just ought,
To have sought,
Just some other type of thought.

I knew better than that,
I just wasn't so clever,
Leaving like that way,
Of course, wouldn't you expect me to pay!

I left the job in a mess,
I quit work and told them to forget the rest!
Leave it to my father, he knows best!

This wasn't fair,
But why should I bother,
I was taught,
When life is unfair,
Someone should make it right.

Now, wasn't this the case as I grew up.
I never had any worries,
They simply were all fixed.

If I failed a test, I could take another!
If I missed an assignment I could turn it in late,
Now, what could anyone learn at this rate.

They learned just like me,
I'll get it next time.

However, what I have learned now,
Doesn't really go along.
You see, twenty years latter,
I find, it is not my father's fault,
The dog didn't eat my homework,

Now when I wake up,
All I asked is maybe I can have a next time to make up my past!

by Nadalia Bagratuni

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