AR ( / Topeka, Kansas)

Maybe Sky

The shining needle slowly
Swings, back and forth

The glistening point
Tips, to and fro,
Wavering, then swings full
Circle, all
Directions, stopping short
Of west, where the
Mountains rise in frigid
Peaks, fading snow-covered into
The cloudy surface of the
Ice, or maybe

Look again, needle
Hops from point
To point, never stops
Until one sideways
Step halts vertigo.

Arm stretch, needle,
Body, spinning
Out of frozen base, then puff
Of snow, as it drops, disappears
Down into the
Snow, or maybe

Ground is up at the
Of the sphere, ice
Is air, breath is
Needles puncturing
Frozen passages never seen.
Turning, though up is down, left, not
Right at the top
Of the
Sea, or maybe

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truly magnificent..brilliant imagination