Maybe There Will Be A Next Time

Did you think I was chasing you?
Is that it?
And that led you to perceive you should begin,
Playing hard to get?
Is that it?
I began to play along with it,
To see when you would quit.
And after I admitted this
You still played a game of hide and seek.
And that last time you hid,
Was the last time you saw me.

And now you are dropping hints on my cell.
Burning up my minutes with silliness.
I would tell you where to go
But I think you would know I would follow you there.
And that kind of heat,
I don't need to sweat.
Whatever you've got I know isn't that sweet.
Keep it.
Maybe there will be a next time,
When you will want just a few minutes of a piece of me.
And that will be cool.
If not we both can forget it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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