Maybe, This New Year

We feast on a home cooked breakfast,
Fried eggs, grits, delightfully seasoned pork chops,
Freshly baked banana bread,
A lovely grapefruit
And a great pot of fragrant caramel coffee.

During the work week, never is there time to savor
These precious moments, delighting in brief moments,
In the goodness that can be…

We wake early, race to complete those never-ending
Home front chores..
To race off...driving an hour and half away...
Did Samantha have her insulin? ? ?
Did you switch that the laundry around? ? ?
I walked the dogs.
Can you iron my shirt? ?
Honey, can you transfer some money into my account,
I need to make the truck payment today.
I have to work late...can you pick up bread and milk? ?
I made the bed and put the dishes in the dishwasher.
I need gas...I must leave early,
love back around
8: 30 tonight.

Our pace is
Our strength
At least that is what we tell our selves…

Maybe this New Year
We can stop…
Walk on the beach,
Read Robert Frost, draw my beloved birds,
Write poetry…
contemplate our lovely world…
Maybe, this New Year.

January 1,2005 ~
Bell's Island, North Carolina

by Debora Short

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