ACS (December 6 / New York)

Maybe Today, Tomorrow Another Day,

All the reasons we should be together
are played out,
Maybe today, tomorrow, another day
I still love you, you know
you even say you're happy now
I don't want to believe you
what can i say!
the dreams, the promises, the anticipation
the waiting,
broken dreams
Now we are apart from one another
someone else is taking our places
someone else is definately taking my place, my space
we're not really satisfied, like we were with one another
just moving along with time
the days, months, but only one year to the day.
we didn't know how to treat one another
we didn't know how far to take our anger,
our frustrations
there was a time when we did trust one another
we had to mess it up
play with each other's heart
cheat, but it was both of us that time
Maybe today, tomorrow, another day
we can talk,
but for now, everyday will continue to be the same
We both are stubborn, got alot of pride
we're scared of the what if's again
Maybe it will never be like yesterday
still hoping for the possibly of another time
we could get it just right.
maybe today, tomorrow, or
just another day.

Adrienne Clark Strachn

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