Maybe We Were As We Are And As We Will Always Be


At times I wonder,
haven't we ever met before?
The thin ribbon of wind that once passed by,
kissing your chiseled bearded jaw,
hadn't it ever stopped for a bite of a second
on the nest of my fist to kiss my bony fingers?
Were we never together yet apart in the same movie hall
when Jack's canvas was seeking sanctuary in Rose's curves.
The lighthouse that stands still between our valleys,
were we never together witnessing its gorged rays?
Were we never together reminiscing the circles of past seasons
of the sunflower garden,
absorbing the perfume of the raw clay pots drying by the dusty road,
listening to the warble of the pigeons on the pavement of city square
and also overhearing each other's voices
while crossing the crossroads?
Maybe we were, maybe weren't
Or maybe we were always there filling in
Each other's moments of solitaire.

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