Maybe You Didn't Love Me By Gio Masserati

Maybe You Didn't Love Me

maybe you didn't love me
maybe I got it all wrong
maybe you felt nothing for me
maybe my heart dragged me along

maybe God Loved me
through hugging me with your soul
maybe God's waking of me up
was through you making me whole

maybe you were a vessel
filling me with light that was missing
maybe my heart was so empty
I yearned for your tender love's kisses

maybe your smile lit my body
with fire too hot for to touch
maybe your embrace of my love heart's cry
was melting my walls and barriers away

love you sky much
destined soul mates
two hearts two bodies
sky much love sky much

must have been God's love
giving me a glimpse
of how it that day will be
when I meet my husband, my hubby 'to be'

Refrain: ... from doubt
I hate it 0h, i hate it

Lord please don't let this be a cruel joke!
what could be so cunning?
bored angels laughing
at my heart's expense
tell me how that's funny?

by Gio Masserati

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Stunned. I feel like you took the words right out of me.