BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Maybe You Should Seek His Face

He walks with me, The Lord above, and guides me with Grace and Love,
He walks with me every day and helps me through trials along the way.
He guides me with a loving hand helping with what I don't understand.
He helps each and every hour by filling me with His Grace and Power.

My world has been a different place ever since I sought His face.
My empty heart of grief and pain has been filled with Eternal Gain.
No need to seek earthly fame, as I have an inheritance in His Name.
I need no abode on shifting sand, as I have a room built by His hand.

Earthly ties I can sever, as Christ's relationship will last forever.
People come and people go, but He is one through eternity I'll know.
Earthly gain will be left behind, but Godly gain is eternally mine.
With earthly eyes I can not see what He's eternally prepared for me.

Life on earth can be a lonely place; maybe you should seek His face.
No matter what your present strife, Christ can give you a new life.
Your trials may never cease, but Christ will give you an inner peace.
And when this earthly life does end you'll have an eternity to spend.

Everything has been done by Him; He's even forgiven all of your sin.
Believe in His work on the cross and you won't suffer Eternal loss.
Your life will end on earth for sure; even now Christ is at the door.
But if you don't believe The Lord, you'll be in darkness forevermore.

(Copyright ©02/2004)

by Bob Gotti

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