GG (9/15/90 / Chicago)


how is it i wonder that everytime the gears in my head start whirring whirring whirring and the ground under my feet and the sky above my head switch places incessently when i let go of the world and begin to live again, why oh why oh well oh well why is it when harmonies penetrate my soul and reverberate through my entire being and i'm spinning so fast i'm sure i'm flying and i'm not breathing at all only living no time for breath no time for breath why is it that when i finally pass go and collect my $200 dollars why is it when i plunge into the sweet summer water amidst shouts and smiles and declarations of loving life why is it when my tired body is finally repaired and my thirst is re-enstated why is it when i'm ready to leave and my heart is thumping and i am not breathing no breath no breath why is it that when my shoes are off and my stockings and my clothes and i'm scrubbing off the day's dilemmas why is it when i'm swathed in the blankets of kings and the heat is all the way up in the car and i'm wearing three million pairs of hand knit socks and grandma is still making me more why is it that all things come


by Garrity Guenther

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