RR (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

Mb024. King Jarasandha Was Killed


Indraprastha, a glory of the past,
Pandavas renewed this city at last.
Yudhishthira received an advice,
To perform "Rajasuya" sacrifice.

This sacrifice was to be done,
To make him top Emperor one,
But he was quite reluctant,
To take any action violent.

Bhima and Arjuna, were his two eyes.
Why at all to play with their lives?
But the two spoke with a force
Not to belittle their performance.

In their support Krishna also stood.
To kill Jarasandha He firmly said.
Kings after kings so many he had killed.
In prison many princes he had grilled.

To slay him Yudhishthira then agreed.
The preparation for it they all hurried.
To kill him Krishna made a plan,
To go there in the dress of Brahmin.

The King Jarasandha received Krishna,
Accompanied by Bhima and Arjuna.
They weren't true Brahmins he said.
From their faces this he discovered.

Their true identity then they revealed
What for they came Krishna had told.
The king picked up Bhima for a combat
As the other two he found them unfit.

With no end, on and on the fight went,
To Bhima a signal Krishna sent.
He picked up a straw, tore it into two
And in opposite sides the bits He threw.

Bhima got the hint, his body he tore.
Into two halves separated its core.
The parts he then threw far away,
Those could never rejoin any way.

There was a story behind this,
In Jarasandha's history previous.
A commander in chief, Brihadratha,
He ruled the kingdom Magadha.

His two wives bore him no son
In succession to take the throne.
To Sage Kausika he went to pray
For his blessings to get, one day.

The sage gave a mango fruit,
For one of his queens to eat,
But into two halves he cut,
For the two queens to eat.

The queens delivered each one
Right-half and left half of a son.
Out these two were thrown
As they disliked them to own.

Into a witch's hand the two pieces fell,
Alive they came one with her magic spell.
To rule the kingdom she gave this son.
The king rejoiced at this prize newly won.

This background Krishna knew well,
To tear him so he gave the signal.
The unconquered was conquered then,
An Emperor status Yudhishthira won.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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