Mb035. Arjuna At Amaravati


At Lord Indra's invitation,
Arjuna had a grand reception,
In Amaravati, a place holy,
With his mortal body.

Next to Indra he was seated,
With honor he was treated.
In ‘Airavata' he had a jolly ride.
This elephant took him every side.

The nymph, Urvasi her name,
To woo Arjuna there she came,
With her matchless beauty.
She was assigned this duty.

Arjuna welcomed her there
As his great grand mother
Of the royal Bharata race,
He met her face to face.

The girls in the Heaven
They're ever sixteen,
So saying, she came near,
But he didn't entertain her.

"You've offended me.
A eunuch you shall be, "
Neither man nor women
She cursed him then.

"Grieve not, take her curse,
As a blessing in disguise.
For the one incognito year
You can hide with no fear."

Lord Indra consoled him.
For four years trained him
In the use of every missile,
And gave him a conch celestial.

From the dancer Chitrasena,
As her intimate student Arjuna
He learnt music and fine arts,
Of all their intricate parts

When Sage Romasa visited,
He saw mortal Arjuna seated,
By the side of Indra the great,
How as his honored guest?

Indra told the sage the reason,
And the background of his son.
He sent the sage to Pandavas,
To inform where Arjuna was.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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