Mb040. Sage Agastya


Head down ancestral spirits some,
Sage Agastya saw and asked them.
What was the reason for their plight,
That brought this unpleasant sight?

They said, "Your ancestors we're.
After you for us who'll offer
Oblations since you aren't married,
For this only we're now worried."

Agastya decided to marry,
To get rid of their worry.
Vidharba King he met,
To fulfill his interest.

The king was childless,
And prayed him to bless.
He granted this boon,
"You'll have a girl soon."

"This girl I shall marry.
My child she'll carry."
The king didn't say "No, "
For fear of any serious woe.

The queen delivered a girl.
She was pretty like a pearl.
Lopamudra was her name.
Later, to marry her none came.

A prince to marry a sage,
With a wide gap in age,
It didn't appear proper.
The king thought over.

His feelings the girl found,
But in turn, promise bound,
She accepted him as husband.
Her decision had a happy end.

With simple dress she went first,
But asked for royal robes next,
And all other riches she needed.
For this the sage also heeded.

He went to king after king,
To get from them something.
But got nothing in charity,
‘Cause of their difficulty.

With Ilvala, he tried his luck,
But he played his usual trick.
Himself and Vatapi his brother,
Hated Brahmins whomsoever.

Ilvala changed Vatpi a goat,
With a knife the goat he cut.
With food he mixed the meat.
He served Brahmins to eat.

Thereafter he called his name,
Vatapi tore the guts and came.
Ilvala made him a man again.
Many Brahmins died in pain.

Ilvala tried the trick same,
But Agastya digested him.
Out Vatapi never came.
Thus ended his tricky game.

What the sage wanted he got.
Ilvala gave him riches a lot.
Later a son was born to Lopamudra,
Happy became the Sage Agastya.

Agastya with his mighty power,
The Mount Vidhyas tallest tower,
He brought it down much lower.
Thus even the nature did shiver.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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