Mb042. Sukanya


The brief story of Sukanya,
The daughter of King Saryati,
It was told by Sage Romasa,
To the pilgrim Yudhishthira.

Sage Chyavana did penance
At the bank of a lake once.
Over him anthills arose.
Creepers hid him close.

Sukanya came one day,
To the place of his stay.
She saw two bright eyes
Which twinkled like fireflies.

She took two sharp sticks,
And gave two pricks,
Deep into his two eyes,
To drive away those flies.

The sage lost his eye sight.
The king felt for his plight.
The prince married the sage,
Served him despite his old age.

The Asvin twins from the heaven,
Who're the deities for medicine,
For their bath to take,
They came to the lake.

They saw this young woman,
In the company of an old man.
To marry a youth they told,
And to leave this man old.

The sage also agreed with them,
And went to the lake for a swim.
Wonder, a youth then he became.
She was to choose one of them.

She chose Chyavana her man.
Everyone became happy then,
To see them both as young.
In praise of them it was sung.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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