RR (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

Mb047. Learning And Virtue


The King Brihadyumna,
A disciple of Sage Raibhya,
A sacrifice he performed.
The sage was informed.

His first son Paravasu,
And second one Arvavasu,
Both he sent there to arrange
And the routines to manage.

One day Parvasu came,
To meet his wife at home.
It was dawn at that time.
The light was very dim.

He saw a beast moving,
And it was prowling
Around his hermitage,
To do some damage.

He hurled his weapon.
It dropped dead down.
When he went near,
Dead was his father.

Having killed a Brahmin,
To atone this terrible sin,
Parvasu told Arvavasu,
The funeral rites to do.

"Oh Arvavasu, You're new,
The king's sacrifice to do.
For this work let me go,
The atonement job you'll do."

Parvasu went to the palace,
While Arvavasu did penance.
After the rites went the latter,
To join and assist the former.

"Arvavasu, you're a sinner,
Having killed our father,
Here, you've no place,
To perform the sacrifice."

This way Parvasu twisted,
At his brother he shouted.
Arvavasu carried the blame,
For an uncommitted crime.

Severe penance he did,
Of this blame to get rid.
Pleased with his penance,
God gave his appearance.

God granted his prayer,
To give back his father,
Make wise his brother,
Both to live together.

Learned one may be,
But virtuous he should be.
Knowledge is a waste,
If one goes dishonest.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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