Mb051. Markandeya Meets Pandavas


It's said, the name Pralaya is one,
That causes Universal destruction,
All forces of nature explode when,
Everything is reduced to ashes then.

The cyclic form of creation,
The massive destruction,
And once again re-creation,
Tell upon Universe in transition.

Markandeya is an immortal sage,
Who lives eternally in every age.
And belongs to every generation,
Says our Indian ancient tradition.

He came and told several
Past episode, parable,
And story with high moral.
This served as an example.

Pandavas heard him say so,
How Kali Yuga might go?
These predictions go true,
Today under the sky blue.

Degradation, degeneracy,
Besides moral Bankruptcy,
Reduced life expectancy,
They're the present legacy.

People will become brutal.
They will tend to be cruel.
Castes will get mixed,
With no profession fixed.

Adulteration on the high side,
Crops return on the low side,
Corruption named as commerce
And no more religious sacrifice.

Atheists will dominate.
Peace will terminate
Deadly weapons will rule
Government will misrule.

The list is too long,
Said in words strong,
Those predictions all
Today, we find them real.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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