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Dedicated To Emily Dickinson

Me a poetess wrote a poem &mdash
Just wrote and felt proud &mdash
But Emily, my dear sweet poetess &mdash
When read for my sake my poem &mdash
For several times &mdash, several times &mdash
And suddenly vanished far &mdash
All my pride too vanished &mdash

"Several times" could mean &mdash
First to begin with - "! ! "but to end at- "0"
Only that - I could infer

Note: Reason for Emily Dickinson'suse of dashes
(taken from the internet)

1. Emily's dashes give you pause to receive the enormity of what she is attempting to convey,
they link separate realms in her mysterious landscape.
A curtsy or quick intake of breath as she unveils her gem.

2.It explains how she would verbally pause or how she would finish a thought.

3.Em dash or Mdash is sometimes made with two hyphens i.e -

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&mdash - Poem by you which is dedicated To Emily Dickinson is a fine poem with nice imagery. Thanks for sharing.