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Ask me how I'm doing? 'Very good I say '
My life is good, bad memories I try and keep away
I write as therapy to get me through
All the pain from the past, when I was blue
I write alot of things, about my life
I write about things that brought me strife
I am constantly thinking what to write about
Sometimes I write so I have no need to shout
Sometimes I write straight from my heart
Maybe helping others to get a brand new start
Alot of time depression comes sneaking in
And that's when I get out my paper and pen
I look around me and will always see
That there are those that had it worse than me
I write as a hobby because I enjoy it so
It makes all the bad things have to go
I'm not usually sad by any means
Sometimes insecure, thats from my genes
I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me
My life is good and I'm finally free
So if this explains me a little bit
I think this poem I will submit!

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Oh Donna, Perfection as a portrait of self reflection with a warm glow of emotions that is now being shared with your world of readers. I really like your style within this piece and want you to know it has placed a warm smile upon my face as I come before you and take my hat off to bow before a poetic great. Thank You for sharig your passion for poetry and especially for giving us a little of you which is the greatest thing. I can only hope that you may never consider placing your poetic pen down as you and your awesome words of poetry would be dearly missed causing many to frown. Your New Friend, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)