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Poem By krista something

you say you now me
you say i have qestions
and the awnsers
what can i say to you
if i dont even
know you
you said im filled
with brightness
and darkness
you said im
the sweetest
and most meanest
person you ever meet
but i say again
what happen if
i dont even know you
i give you examples
you give me suggestions
you can pray all you want
on your knobby knees
but its not about
here in this story
its about me
yeah i wanna be good
but then i always turn
out bad
wanna find the
strong girl in me
that i know i could
but whenever i try
the gates are close
i know i got it
in me
im mixed with good
but then again
as i think about it
im mixed with
bad like everybody else
you try to be me

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