Me. #2

I not doing this because of you.
Know that you did nothing wrong.
Forever my life been blue.
Why is life so long.

I just feel like I need to go.
But you want me to stay.
My heart and mind feels so low.
But I can't, it'll be over by the end of the day.

Give me a reason to stay.
How about people love you.
Not good enough, thats something I have to face.
Yea but you know it's true.

Im leaving and thats it.
You cant I love you too much.
Stop talking to yourself, just quit.
Listen to yourself its just a quick rush.

It'll be over soon.
As soon as you say goodbye.
And then you'll be stuck looking like a fool.
When the otherside says hi.

Crying in front of everybody.
Shutup your so stupid.
And its not that somebody caught me.
It's that they can see it in your pupils.

Stop it im not stupid.
Thats just what you want to hear.
Well stop doing this.
As if nobody cares.

Well I know they dont.
And how do you know.
Because im always left alone.
And death never shows.

by Tiara Neal

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