i wish you could love me,
for who i am-was-and
not what you made me

straightening, curling..
make up's a must
like is my vocabularys source

still I amn't what you want me to be
I amn't skinny..I amn't clinically anorexic
and will never be one of those

though in doing all this change for you,
it's obvious i do not love you
but i really used to

for you i have hatred burning my insides
my flesh is melting for beauty i don't possess
now stop your crazy antics and listen

girl in the mirror imitating me
when will i be what you want,
when will i be perfect

by SarahLouise Malone

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Well written poem on teen angst. Been awhile since I've been there but I still have angst over my appearance.
I may not know what you look like but this poem is perfect