Poem Hunter
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


When I was alittle girl, dreams really did come true.
They were more then just a fairy tale, or a story from a book.
Now as I've grown up and seen what life can bring, I've finally just begun to know that I'll always's just be me.

No princess in a castle, or a damsle in destress.
I'm just a plan old city girl, who doesn't mind not being rescued yet.

A college degree or a desk job at an office still won't change the fact that I'm just me.

No paper can change that, no money could either.

For in me, there more to see than just outside looks.

Along with many I have a soul, and heart that would give gold if one was told.

But, in reality that's not true, in this world I'm me and I think that's still pretty good.

So the next time you think, that face job will impress.
Rethink your choice and work on the inside and your see that it's what's inside that's really the best.

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