I breathe beneath the dark waters, my lungs are full and my heart is weak,
I try to fight the urge to give up; I lift my arms in despair,
The faith I had was glaring at my face, profanity was its garb,
Mocking me while I struggled to hold on, no choices, no option and no where to return,
I couldn’t cry coz they would think I was weak; I couldn’t scream, coz they would think I was crazy,
Life was speeding away and I was cold, what was the reason for me being yours’?
What was the reason I believed in you? My faith was in you, my breath, my blood were you,
To drown me in this pain is what you desire, every time you look at me,
I will leave you forever, but I can’t stop being me, I will drown in this sorrow of losing you, you were my lifeblood,
I have to let go, though I was your child, being with me was not so hard, but being me was never so easy,
So…I breathe my last breath and leave you alone, the guilt of today will haunt you when I am gone, coz, it’s not easy to see, how difficult it was to be…me…

by Pradeeta Mishra

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I really enjoyed reading this. A lot of poems have the predictable ABAB rhyme scheme for no apparent reason, but this poem doesn't to mimic the isolation the speaker feels. The imagery could have been dramatic to deliver the same message- yet in its subtlety it achieves so much more. Brilliant.