Me! ! !

She loves to smile and help out others
But when she's not in the mood she hates to be bothered
She is someone who is friendly
But don't get her mad, for then she becomes deadly

What a wonderful person to be around
Sometimes you don't know she's there for she makes not a sound
She does her best in school
And is someone you can consider pretty cool

She is brown, full-figured and has dark brown hair
Might be too much for one person to bare
Her lips are pink, her eyes are brown, her nose is curved
And her tummy is semi-round

There is so much to be said about this special girl
She is so rare that there is no more in this world
When you see her I think you will know
For all that I said she most definitely will show

What kind of girl could be oh so pretty? ! ?
Of course you know that girl is ME! !

*July 2006*

by Chantal Gumbs

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This is so beautiful.
A beautiful picture of a beautiful person. Compelling and creative my friend. Keep writing!