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Poem By Lynette Dias Gouveia

I sought light in darkness and darkness in light
I lost time and wasted in anticipation

I awaited flowers in autumn and snow in spring
I did not explore the dreams and realms within

I did not give to get, or expect to get without giving
But deluded myself with the senselessness of what others thought

I wept nonsensically for what was lost, but did not secure
That through loss lies greater gain

I strived for what I could not be and achieved what was not meant to be
I squandered my own strength and lost my intrinsic ingenuity

I blamed the world for what I could not mutate
I realize now that my life was what I made

I have exhausted enough time and yet not found peace
This journey to accomplish and the longing to be free

I wandered too many paths and tried to be too many things
But I know now, to get there I must accept myself and just be 'Me'

September 22,1997 – ©Copyright Lynette Dias-Gouveia

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Comments (5)

Stunning poem Lynette.. I liked it very much, the beginning of happiness is accepting ourselves and from there on everything is possible! Very well done HBH
Lynette, Such a thought provoking poem. I love how you write from the soul.. Very nicely done. My opinion is that your line 'longing to be free' is absolutely perfect, after all, isnt that what we are all doing? We all long to be free and once we accept ourselves for who and what we are........we will be. Such a nice poem. Sincerely, mary
Again a very thought provoking poem, especially for those who feel happy in chasing false/worldly dreams and are not able to enjoy and be thankful for what they already have. Very well written and beautiful choice of words.
loads of feeling in this poem. Thanks
Are you happy with the ending and with 'longing to be free'? Just asking. Another great poem. Love your sincerety and your presentation H