As far as I'm concerned I am The One.
Just like "The Matrix" I agree.
I hate to be so selfish saying this
But it's the truth I have to say.

I never did find Love I must confess,
So egocentric I just have to be.
I love my parents and my sister too,
But in the end it's me who faces all
That Life will throw my way.

And when I die, then you will too
As far as I'm concerned.

No suicide bombing for me my friend,
No martyrdom for me.
Survival Instinct is my god,
Self-preservation is my creed.

I offer no apology
Self-centred I may well just be.
The bigger picture holds no sway,
I'll just keep living day by day.

by Paul Butters

Comments (2)

Thanks Pranab. Agreed, a rather cynical but honest viewpoint from my good self.
Much revealed by an individual. No any confession but the estimation of life and its limitation illustrated well. And the poet deserves really a big thank.