Poem Hunter
(11/26/1971 / New York)


Shall I reinvent myself each time love professes?
Am I the figment that dances in your mind?
The perfect image of the perfect woman.
An illusion?
One who conforms to the shiftless memories.
do you not see the blemishes?
do you not see the flaws?
do you not see the tarnish?
Your mind's eye picks out the good
and filters that which causes disdain.
I move in shadows.
I've been told I speak in riddles.
And like smoke in mirrors I am impossible to grasp.
I am frustration and need.
I am desire and longing.
I am in fear of pain.
I am an admirer of beauty in the unlikeliest of forms.
I am compassion beyond reason.
I am connected to the universe.
I am a heart open to the world.
I am love.
I will read your mind
and tell you what your soul is thinking....
but only if your heart gives me opportunity.
Time alone will tell you,
you have tried to hold the image in the mirror.
Because you do not believe in me.

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