Get the purpose it is
transparent, improves
performance much,
much faster.

This memory execution
satisfies all nations with caches for
web, cpu, and many others

Cache is the memory that
takes away all hurry and
cause you not to worry.
Cache's fast memory will
make you merry.

It is inexpensive,
timesaving, relatively small,
high on data efficiency and
proven itself in the general

Now get inside the tower
where cache has power to
complete all requests from
main Memory index

July 01,2014

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Wonderful message... Doesn't he know it's rude to stare? It feels so awkward or uneasy for a girl.. Keep writing....10
Maybe it is you. maybe you are drop dead gorgeous. and not a bad poet either. keep em coming kiddo. good work.
It'd not you, it's them. Your second line is spot on. Staring at people is rude. They stare anyway, especially at females.