I can’t conceive what’s happening to me,
I feel the world turn around at times making it strenuous to breath,

And I can’t devise my own identity,
Not knowing who I am and why I’m here,
What secret must I reveal?

My mind can’t make up a reason,
My heart won’t singe the song,
My soul asks to be set at ease,
Yet I’m so lost and so cold,

And even in my dreams at night,
I’m lured between four walls,
Agony, verity, resent and delusion,
What is there for me to make of all this confusion?

How many years lie ahead of me,
How many fears till I’m set free,
Can’t count the tears they bound endlessly,
How do I impede the insanity?

To be virtuous and true, I covet love to cure me,
Happiness to endure me,
Take away all the pain it’s starting to blur me,
For all I desire is to reach that peaceful journey,

And maybe, just maybe,
I will attain my goal,
I won’t deceive it, and I’ll open the door,
For what lies behind it, is the life that I will unendingly adore,

I heard life promise,
To grant me a precious kiss,
Let the winds blow away the emptiness,
And replace it with love, truth and bliss,

And then reality will help me find my consciousness,
This is my wish,
May God guide my soul until I achieve it?

by Hoda Elomari

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