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KP Kevin Pike (3rd of september / Lister Hospital)


HereIi am
All alone and scared
No one here to help me
My fears closing in around me
My breath gets faster and deeper by the minute
My heart pumping madly
My legs getting heavier
My arms getting weaker
I'm trying to fight off my fears
but they are to powerful
My heart pumps faster
My breathing turns violent
I try to move away from them
but my legs are turning to stone
Theres too many of them
It's not worth fighting them
My body is being drained
of it's physical energy
But there's one thing they can never take away
And that is my love for you
It's buried deep down in my heart
Where they can't get at it
It shines brightly in the disfigured faces of my fears
They don't like it
It's scaring then away
My strength, It's regaining
My legs, They are able to move
My heart is slowly returning to back to beating normal
But now you realize how strong my love is for you
If my greatest fears can't even find it
How can you not believe that the love I have for you is true
My breathing is slowing up now
My feet are moving
I can now move freely in the complicated world around me

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