BB (3-23-92 / Las Vegas)

Me Against Me (Project 86)

Back to square one
And all because
You failed me
Getting in my way

My intentions
mean nothing to you
like you want me
to fall on my face

It's all your fault
you and your selfish
nature wanting it all
while I am left with a sham

We are pulling
in separate directions
I to the left
you to the right

How are we so
unlike one another?
You are me!
And I am you!

You put up the fight
but you should know
I ain't giving in
not now

You drag me down
you leave me there
I get to my feet
you push me down

I see how it is
You're out to get me
to get me down
as long as I don't have the will

Once I am out of the way
who is there to stop you
and you are right
no one.

You seem to get
what you want
when you want it
through me

You use me
for own gain
and nothing strikes you
as wrong.

And I am sick of it
sick of you
and your lies
straight from dragon's lips

You are killing me
this hole in my chest
is only getting larger
and you'll rot me to the core

I am done
done with this hell
between you
and me

We are making this right
if it costs me anything
and everything
me against me

by Ben Bergeth

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I love how you were arguing in the poem very Unique...Love it! ! ! :)