Me And Him

My mind is flooded and his brain
is blooded.
schooled to just Google the truth
about the youth and the proof
about the loot.
The crimes of the times but we
were not schooled for the
crimes of the heart.
we were fools, don’ t be fooled
You feel that and hear that our
problems are fat.
I don ’ t even want to start but
look at my eyes fill up.
when I write these lines my
body turns white and just heats
I think it’ s time to come up clean
up and the right time to dream
up, grow up and stand up.
Man up and get in line and just
shine because success is like a
sweet wine I have to make mine.
We paid fines without even
knowing the cause, it ’ s evil just
because we were trying crying
and dying just to get even, the
assaults are whose fault?
What did she see in me that she
didn’ t see in him, I mean I see no
difference between me and him.
We come from the same place,
me and him, we were friends
even when placed in odds and
ends just hot bends to me and
him until when she broke us up,
me and him.
Indecision start to hit us in the
place were life seemed to split
us she said with a beam that she
loved us both, me and him.
We used to travel together on
boats until she scattered us
both, me and him.
She says she can’ t choose
between me and him because
we both buy her shoes and bags
just to get between her legs.
We took tags became rough and
fought each other because of
I think she has no heart and will
be hurt when this is heard but
me and him are no longer
thinking or dreaming sinking
because of her.
life has gotten rotten and hard
for me and him but I have a
feeling she ’ s going to be my
next because she made me
forget about my ex and am
speaking of something that ’ s
deeper than sex or sleep,
nothing better than checks or
Jeeps but she loved me
unzipping her jeans and knew
he was willing to make her smile
by all means, unhooking her bra
and the law.
She was our queen, we were
mistaken and shared precious
moments taken me and him.
The biggest mistake you can
make in life is to not make any
but we ’ ve made many, me and
Time heals all and all is healed in
time, people still hope it happens
and her memories are forever
wiped and swiped from the
memories of me and him
however we have different
views of her.
People still stand in queues for
Other girls take cues from her
Angel and demon that ’ s her
We now understand where we
me and him.

by Funkekeme Akposeye

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It's time to come up clean; ad, live in peace with all mankind. Nice work.