Me And My By Gio Masserati

For Me and My House

no more talk of portals
you are my mystery Lord
no more delving into the spiritual darkside
of an insatiable curiosity
that doesn't align with Your light

no more creating words
that steal, kill, and destroy...Your joy,
and plant seeds of doubt
no more junk religion
speaking of magic
spiritual mediums or alters built

no more stupid, anti-Christ, lukewarm
spit flowing from my mouth
no more deviant sexual overtones
that don't glorify You or Your love's design

no more reading others hallucinations
about evil spirits and vicious fangs...
(for You know 'it' scares me...I feel alone
so alone I feel...and the deep of night)
no more books disquised as Godly chatter
interwoven with stories of evil spirits

no more letting trash seep through my eyes
that 'haunt' my imagination at night
no more entertaining the worldly concocted ideas
that seek visuals of evil manifestations

no more thinking delving into darkness
would or could ever be good for my soul
no more putting my eyes or my ears at risk
to see or hear unprotected realms
never no never

no more pretending
that I could ever unsee
something that takes root
the day my eyes lay upon it

no more crud shoved down my throat
no more junk shoved down their path
no more spoon feeding
what am I? a babe?

no more lies
no more compromise
no more playing with matches
no more numbing my conscience
no more grieving the Holy Spirit

give me Truth
give me You!

by Gio Masserati

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