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Me And My Life

It seems to be nobody knows
The way that my life goes.
She eats and sleeps and goes to school
And in the weekends she plays pool.

It may be the life everyone can see
But thats just a cover, its not plain me.

It may all seem like fun and games,
But it really hurts to be called such names.
Whatever name, that they choose,
No point in arguing, I know I'll lose.

No hope, no faith, nothing you see
Lift up the cover and you will see,
A little old nothing, a little old me.

The little old me, scarred for life
Got into such big strife.
What did I do wrong is the question you see,
But it seems to be nothing, it's just that it's me.

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A golden flow of words, but the picture painted looks bleak and grey.... knowing as older as I am, strife may suck but doesn't stay with you for life... hang in there, somewhere in front of you, coming soon is support and luck... to reach out and trust, is a maturity must.... kia kaha