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Me And My Old Cat Sam
CS (March 30-1950 / Magnolia, Arkansas)

Me And My Old Cat Sam

Poem By Carolyn Sears

I sit here all alone well

Me and my old cat Sam

Rocking back and fro

As my

Chair squeaks

As I rock

In front of the old fireplace

Just me and my old cat

Knitting mittens

Singing while my cat sam takes
A nap

I’m growing old

Still alone

Me and my old cat Sam and my
Old rocking chair

As the fireplace is cracking while


Red blue flames seem to cracker
And pop

As it

Burn so happily it seem's

My chair squeaks my cat nod as I

In my rocking chair back and fro

Cheerfully in front of my old

With red and blue flames highlighting
The wall and ceilings

Me and my old cat Sam as he nod’s

I rock back and fro

While my rocking chair squeaks along
With the fireplace cracker and

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Carolyn you make the fire so inviting. My cat was named Mac, and I remember the time in life when we shared nights much like the one you write about here. Thanks.