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Me And The Lonely

Dark clouds forming in the overcast
Steady breeze blowing from the east
Light rain mixed with sleet and snow
Seems a lot like my day should be

It is me and the lonely
For only the loney they know
How empty a day it really can be
To not have someone to hold

We will walk the halls and the floors
Watch a movie or two
And when it is our day is done
Settle in for a lonely night too

We dream and pretend that someone will come
And take loneliness far away
Still in our dreams we can escape for a while
To get through another day

It is me and the lonely
I can hear in the darkness it calls
Dark clouds forming in the overcast
This is the right day after all.

by Bill Simmons

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Loneliness is a state of mind. We are actually never really alone. So many share the same feelings, that we are in fact part of a huge network of people. Just imagine all those thousands of friends just sitting there filling the airwaves with the same omotion. hehehehe hey I'd be looking for some quiet time. Nice Poem Bill. Jan