Me And You

You are my world. You make me happy even when my day has turned dark. I am very glad he introduced us, cause honey you are the greatest thing in my life. If i had the chance i would spend every minute of every day in your arms kissing you. You know i would. You say you love me, and i am yours forever. I hope you mean that cause if i have to spend another minute in someone else’s arms with them kissing me, i would die. The only fight we have is deciding who loves the other more, and we could go for hours saying 'i love you more' and i love it. As a matter of fact, i love everything you do. The way you kiss my lips, everything. You are so amazing. I crave your kisses like a drug addict craves the drug. I want to live every second in your arms. I wish we could be alone in an old stairway, just to be with you. whatever would happen happens, and that’s okay with me. You ask how much i love you, but i cannot answer due to the fact words cannot say what i am feeling. You say you can't believe i could love someone like you. But i do. I love you more than my life. i would die in an instant if the last thing i ever saw was you kissing me. If i could only feel you lips brush mine so softly, i would let go. That is what i want the last thing i ever feel to be. I want to feel that happy knot in my stomach when you kiss me. I do not care that you are eighteen and i am sixteen. Age is only a number. You are mine and mine only. If i were eighteen and i had graduated, i would marry you in a heartbeat and never think twice. I have to hold on to your love until we are both graduated. Then i can have you forever and ever. I would give anything for that. I will give you me eventually. I wouldnt have it any other way. :) I love you and i am writing this for you and you only. Be mine forever. Please.

by Mana Benham

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