Me First

It seems there is always someone talking in my ear,
Get out; leave me alone, this is my space in here.
Hush the voices, the questions…. the inane, pointless questions,
I want peace, a chance to think, speak things that matter.
It as if the world no longer knows how to be quiet, contemplative.
What I see, and hear is “Think? You want me to think?
….about others first? Who does that? ”
People often piss me off, self-centered, me first.
Gross perseverance of the items they think will matter, be feelings, experiences.
Where are they in such a hurry to go?
Nowhere…they end up nowhere, empty, frightened, lost, blaming everyone else,
disappointed at the end of their pointless life for which they spent the precious time rushing through, me first.

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Langston Hughes


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