Me First!

Me first
Often heard phrase
No time for others
In 365 days

It's all about me
I'll tell you so
Why help you
I gotta go

I have errands to run
Nails to do
My 9 o'clocks waiting
At eleven the view

Fast paced life
Don't want to miss
Just to be sure
I've made a list

Lunch at noon
Be done by one
Tip oh, sorry
I've gotta be going

All day shopping
I'll squeeze in
But gotta be done
At least my ten

A late dinner
I'll grab a bite
Home by eleven
In for the night

My phone rings
The minister calls
I have bad news
Your mom I saw

She passed away
Early this day
I tried to phone
Now it's too late

Her last words
She ask for you
Said, if you have time
Could you come too

She said let you know
If she misses you hear
Could you slow down
And shed a tear

Not for her
She's brand new
But take the time
Shed one for you

Ask God now
While you have time
Ask him in
Before he passes by

No time for God
Can only mean
No time for you
In eternity!

by Lagaya Evans

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