Me In No Sense

Reality to malign.
With more to find others,
Quick to pick...
For another round of malicious,
Character assassinations...
Suitable to fit,
A mindless agenda.
Regardless of race.
Or religious affiliations,
To disgrace and humiliate.

The one main problem...
Those feeding on fed delusions,
Crave more than truth to seek.
Is the belief...
That the ones who are honest.
Above deceit and proven to be,
Patiently awaiting,
Until winds shift...
As many witness dirt to throw,
Come to bury those doing it...
Under a mountain of their own,
Unrelenting scented stench.
Even collectors of garbage,
Once fond of doing it...
Are begging the authorities,
To immediately protect them...
In an undocumented,
And hidden to never be... Identified but classified,
Witness protection program.

'You look familiar.
Weren't you once,
A dirt thrower?
You and and...'

Me no speak 'Engleessh'.
Me no nothing.
Hear nothing.
Say nothing.
Me in no sense.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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