JC (7/30 / bloomington california)

Me, My Friends, And My Voice

i am here so before you pass my name
before you jude me for what i wear
i am a somebody
and not just a somebody
i am me
Jessica Cardona
and i have a voice and people know who i am
for i have friends
true one
not cheep loser one
but true ones
and they love me as Jessie
and i can't stay quiet no longer
for you speak as i am nothing but dirty dirt
and have no life
but in reality
i have a better life and friends than you will ever have
so all who made jokes on me or ingore me
are the true loser for you miss out
all i have to offer
and my true friends Bianca, Aileen, Sarah, Abre, Amanda, Joice, Jackie, Georgette, Gaby, Heidi, Kirk, Billy, Danielle, and many more
are 100 time better than you will ever be
so don't bug me for i have a voice and i am not scared to you it.

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