Me Myself I

Me upon Myself, upon I are we
Me as dawn supplanting the dying dusk
Alpha of the cycle, fragile a disk
hatches, the next nest fluxing; time to be.

Chicki little, blank classic of dovehood
From world of forms: pure, arcane, full as cirque
To matter...reaped, in a sec, down the deck
Knees and palms on globe, for tri-seasons glued.

What enigma? The grandeur of thy sleep.
The lightsome delight in the fluid giggle
Me's chuffed tone, amid this global scuffle
Thy oblivious stare on the shallow deep.

Safe for morn, till original seeds roll
Till feet meet ground, the next round; a new role.

Myself by me mounted, we upon I
Amnesia wipes collections from first days
Void is crammed with multicolours of growth

Into gaping mouth as ample sky high,
gems and germs flow, gradually grow as peas
Then blossom, weed and seed to loathe or oath

Con-science and consciousness manifest
Twain tainted fatal calling
Creed instinct with muse; my gallant fierce fears.

First path, deluged by thorns, my pests, my test
The beta, with brimstone within swarming
Yet, my yolk of fruition shall outgrow ears?

I crow low, I go, we flow, he grows so slow
What path know not I, so fluid the lag show

I, I realise; I, Meself upon
Doubtless, done or undone, perennial deed.
Fervour enfeebles bones bony-brittle

Deft as to self...persons chiseled by one
The Genesis, greyest green of life bleed
Flowing from fount. We suckle her bottle

I rearise...moans of sassy Mona
Mint brown, spring sparked offspring
Eve in bier, Mona till evening my Eve
Obverse of blissful flora and fauna
To thorns and spectre, to gunner's smite ring
The past a cross to the unborn I grieve

Memories as frost, transmute into gleams
I peer, piercing pall, waiting rayless beams

Me: arcane welkin, pre-life myth
Fore are alter-ego, altered ego
Me, Me oh! Me, tri-tree of all life form

Iyaja clepes me babe, tends seedling with
hills streaming milk to milk teeth, molars grow
Infant clocks teenfant, gradually the storm.

Baptism of fragment, figment washed off
Thence, persona unfolds steady, unlike...
Once dormant, seeds within seedling evolve

Ma-Da sting with witty thorns naif stuff
Land sovereign, shackles, till rabiecells hike
To rebels in un burning cub's resolve

Lava gushed...enslaved by good, by evil
Nigh, the ding dong of dome bells...bats battle
From shatters, crisis of multi-oneness
Groomed by Kismet, cropped by (myselves) Myself
Still, myself within, seeking Monody.

For, man denied manna garners graveness
'Bourne and sooth come! ' they whiz away great pelf
But where? Shall I but search till elegy?

In gest, Mona Belle jests at my Eros
Till she ingests human erom venom
Altar ball...Mona weds mourner to stay

I tread planes, slopes; fending roses erose
Needful of loam: woe to most, cheer for some...
Lo, sole seed lives, others as chaff away

Oft, oft, I plough aloft, calling to rains
Till third foot becomes, we assume odd plains

Nighest to Bermuda gulf...bitter chill...
Unseen Caesar felling all; ant or whale
Still I wait...each breath a countdown in town.

To be or to flee, to feel or be ill
More knowledge, less know-how...lave bale by ale
So was it, forsooth, the grit of warm crown

The fluttering wings of hope hinged on Issues
fling beams upon ancient gloom groomed by time
Alo! My semen gives breath to absence

Hence, over-the-hill; methink life tissues
When asleep, visions unveil mystic clime
Twain are one, means to an end, an essence...

I go from whence, from nothing to nothing
My time goes as she comes; Mona...a sting...

by Oluwatamilore Daniel

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