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Me New Love
T (1985 12 27 / kagiso)

Me New Love

Poem By 107 tshepzen

Blessed was the day,
knew God exist,
that He loves me,
felt his touch through your eyes.

Your smile brightens my world,
paints my heart brightfully,
for colors of rainbow are,
then i know was born for a 'eason.

when im with you,
happiness i know,
i hate to see you go,
thou i know you coming back.

Pleaserus thoughts i have,
day dream is all i know,
my plans future big,
pray they 'come reality.

I look at you i wonder,
how could someone be so beautiful,
is she the reason,
the word exists,
what did i do to deserve her.

I love you,
takes seconds to say,
cant realy explain it,
but i promise,
to spend our destined time,
showing just how much i do

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I love you takes seconds to say. I like it. thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.