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Me Not Her

I'm not sure if you know or not
But I really do like you a lot.
You still hold a special place in my heart
and you always did, right from the start.

But when she came along and took your breath away,
I was terrified and didn't know what to say.
I spend my nights crying, time after time,
I spend my days lying, saying I was fine.

Little did you know my heart was crushed inside,
And on that day, a part of me died.
It only hurt because she’s my friend
You went out with her and that was the end

I now have to let my heart move on,
For now, you are forever gone.
But there is one thing I’m just unsure:
Why can’t it be me instead of her?

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WOW! ! This is truly a work of art and I enjoyed the read very much! ! Thank you, , Jamie