Me Of All People.

I dedicated my life for his love,
and from all the people he knows that.
And not all of our days were tough,
most of our memories aren't that bad.
He was the one to let go,
and i tried to be by his side.
I really was missing him so,
and he dwelt my heart and mind.
I didn't want to be any one,
other than the person i have been.
I won't regret if that's why he was gone,
but i'm sure it's not that deep within.
I know his words by heart,
and his thoughts are in my head.
He was my first love and the start,
he is me and in my soul he hid...
He should've been honest to me,
me of all people i would've stood by him.
If the idea of people made him unfree,
he knew i defied each and every one of them.
Some thing kept him far,
and me of all people he should've been near to.
I looked at him as a star,
he lights up my world and my life all the way through.
It doesn't matter now,
just tell him that he was the one.
And if he didn't lose me some how,
i would've never been gone...

by Eman Awad

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