UP ( / Egypt)

Me Or She?

I loved a man long time ago
I loved him
No matter how far we are though
He loved me back
That's what I thought
I was ready to give him everything
And for his sake.. the world I faught

Six months together
I felt Like I'm gonna stay
With him forever
I loved his care
I felt him like my brother
I loved his tenderness
I felt him like a perfect lover

He was my everything
The only bright flame in my life
But now I need to know
What had changed him to a sharp knife
that cuts my heart so cruel
I really feel like i was a little fool

I really can not bare
To live without his sweetness is really unfair
How could he do that?
How could he dare?
I still love him.. yes I swear

I can not believe what he say
I just want him to stay
Just one day
I'm so lonely now
I feel so low
I really need to know
what had changed you?

I really don't know what to do?
When i see our big love is dying
Except looking at the photographs of you
To stop myself from crying

Soon you forget
The first day we met
I know she takes my place yet

But I know she don't know
How to make you happy like I do
She doesn't understand you like I do

Maybe you are close to her by your body
But your heart & mind are close to me

Please.. tell me
Now you are free
To choose me or she? !

I wish I could fly
To be with you now
And look into your eyes
And ask you
Why shouldn't we give it another try?

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We both have the same experience in love. Keep on writing it helps :
...very touching peice i hope u got an answer to the question that occupies your mind hope ur together again :)