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As I Was Walking

As I was walking,
Thyme sweet to my nose,
Green grasshoppers talking,
Rose rivalling rose:
And wing, like amber,
Dispread in light,
As from bush to bush
Linnet took flight:
Master Rabbit I saw
In the shadow-rimmed mouth
Of his sandy cavern,
Looking out to the South.
'Twas dew-tide coming;
The turf was sweet
To nostril, curved tooth,
And wool-soft feet.
Sun was in West;
Crystal in beam
Of its golden shower
Did his round eye gleam.
Lank human was I,
And a foe, poor soul—
Snowy flit of a scut,
He was into his hole,
And—stamp, stamp, stamp!
Through dim labyrinths clear,
The whole world darkened,
A murderer near.

by Walter de la Mare

Comments (5)

Very thoughtful. Keep it up. Thanks.
sorry about the couplet challenge. Kelly will explain. I am too old to change
Want some advice? Lose yourself in your writing. You are very creative. If reality is your enemy why then retreat into fiction and entertain us all.
But you have the distinct advantage of not only wanting to be aware...But actually being aware of that part of you that also resides in everyone. Nobody is perfect, no one is even close, but you are one step closer by virtue of self awareness and painful honesty. An insightful and brutal piece of writing.
Sometimes we need to foget our past faults.. Well written.. Check out my new poems. Thank you